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Participate in the biggest inter-school painting competition in UAE

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About The Competition

The competition will be spread across 46 days with more than 500,000 students participating. We have online & offline events, to create the best social experience for the children post covid



• Top 40 students
• 200+ pax invite-only event.
• Attented by HODs, teachers, principals, parents, artists, jury & ministry delegates. 


Who can participate?

ABCD - Anybody can draw. All students in school from Grade 1 - 10 can participate. And we have made it very easy. Just download the 'Fill In Color' artwork from the website. Fill in the colors as per your imagination. And submit it. No prior experience or training is required.

Daily Winner

One lucky students wins an e-learning course from Byju's!! EVERY SINGLE DAY

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Grade 4 

How to participate?


Download the 'FILL IN COLOR' artwork from here


Fill it with colors


You can use crayons, paint, pencils


Register & submit the scanned copy of the artwork

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Event Organisers

Knowledge Partner


Ahmed Al Awadhi

An Emirati businessman and artist also known as (Rukni) Ahmed has been painting since his school days but deepened his interest during the past 20 years.

Anil Kamble

An Emirati businessman and artist also known as (Rukni) Ahmed has been painting since his school days but deepened his interest during the past 20 years.

Saju Nair

He explored various opportunities to provide global exposure for the artists and the art events from The United Arab Emirates. Joined with Ms. Alessandra Giorda, founder of iltelevisionario2.

Koushal Choudhary

His paintings are the effect of dynamic surfaces, with dissolving and emerging forms, rhythmic patterns, and textural explorations tinged with bursts of colour.


She has deep rooted interest in nature and all the things around her that are pure and free from human influence.

Susmitha Dhruva

Her work was selected for a “women in art“ exhibition 2020. Her artwork was awarded with a prize from Indian High commission, Abu Dhabi

Ruby Sajan

A name well known as a prominent member of Danube family (UAE). The Danube Family is diversified into different businesses.

Rishu Gosain Roy

A passionate artist has been drawing inspirations from nature. Her work was presented to Mr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam .


An an Indian Arts Entrepreneur based in Dubai, She is also a Visual content creator ,she uses acrylic and Oil paints and prefers painting with bright colors.

Sushmita Sinha

She's is an award winning artist.Over the years she has developed a new art form, which she calls Paint-Weaving.

Sonal Purohit

She's is the founder of the PaintBrush Art Community. She also published a book dedicated to art and artists "THE ART AND ARTISANS".

Dr. Rohita

She discovered her profound strong connection inclination towards fluid art, predominantly alcohol ink art.

Sugat Priyadarshi

An award-winning visual artist based in Dubai, UAE. His career spans 30+ years. He started his work as a multidisciplinary artist working in Art direction.

Anjini Prakash Laitu

He is a well-known and revered artist in the UAE art circles. He is also a member of Emirates Fine Art Society. He has exhibited his work almost every place in the UAE.


She expresses her way through abstract & resin artworks. Her art is all about positivity and bright colors .Sana has been featured in "THE ART AND ARTISANS".

Renu Shivam

Her artwork conveys the artist's view of the world captured on a large canvas through vibrant colours and detailed illustrations.

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